“Hate them all, Father.”

Another coup is denounced, but when will Burma have peace? By Lital KhaikinPublished in Volume 2, Issue 1 of The SparkplugMarch 2021 On February 1, the military in Myanmar seized power and detained the leader of the elected National League for Democracy (NLD) party, Aung San Suu Kyi. Every day since the coup, protests have… Continue reading “Hate them all, Father.”

a letter from a jail cell

K ZA WINTranslated from Burmese into English by Ko Ko ThettPrinted March 2021 This leaflet (poem from “My Reply to Ramond”, which ko ko thett circulated in January 2021, and kkt’s note) is included with this issue of The Sparkplug. Dear Father,the River, whose stomachwas cut open, has declared waron our tiny house on the bank,… Continue reading a letter from a jail cell

In memory of poet K Za Win (1982-2021)

How does one respectfully mourn the death and honour the life of a poet? Most naturally, by sharing their work. But, where the poet’s voice is now silent, perhaps it is also by pollinating those unnatural voids with the materials they most resonated with — ideas. The printing of this special, combined edition of The… Continue reading In memory of poet K Za Win (1982-2021)

The Trenches between Languages and Nation-building

This inaugural issue of The Sparkplug reflects on the impact of mining on displacement, land division and the loss of language. Languages are living fields of experience, embodying the eternal human challenge of being liberated through communication, and restricted by finite terms. The shades and tones of innumerable human languages are precious, conveying to us entirely new… Continue reading The Trenches between Languages and Nation-building

The Meaning of Words (or, Democracy by Any Other Name)

The previous issue of The Sparkplug examined the impacts of neo-colonial extractivism and nation-building on the disappearance of Botswana’s Indigenous Khoisan languages. The current issue picks up this thread from a different angle: the disappearance of speech itself under Eritrea’s despotic regime, which has plunged the country’s youngest generations into a brutally imposed silence. This issue welcomes… Continue reading The Meaning of Words (or, Democracy by Any Other Name)