Of Purity and Autonomy: A Nation for Whom?

This third issue of The Sparkplug considers the challenges and contradictions that are entangled in Kashmir’s pursuit for self-determination. Included is a conversation with author and human rights lawyer Nandita Haksar, based around her research on how the nationalist movement in Jammu and Kashmir intersects with the socio-economic challenges that in turn face migrants to Northeast India. Accompanying the… Continue reading Of Purity and Autonomy: A Nation for Whom?

Seeds of Alienation

The politics of exclusion in Kashmir’s independence movement By Lital KhaikinPublished in Volume 1, Issue 3 of The SparkplugOctober 2020 “Festering wounds we Kashmiris bear, fleeing tyranny from all sidesWe have witnessed nothing but pillaging of our abodesOur own joined strangers in marauding our own … When we greet spring and autumn with the same… Continue reading Seeds of Alienation