Who’s Entitled?

Diamond Mining and Internal Displacement in Botswana By Lital KhaikinPublished in Volume 1, Issue 1 of The Sparkplug Diamonds are forever—so begins the brand statement of any generic diamond company leaning in on the mythological status of deep time and the alchemical compression of history.   From encrusting royal jewelry, to the consumer rite of… Continue reading Who’s Entitled?

The Gangrene, unofficial fragments

Unofficial fragments from THE GANGRENENovember 2018 First published as La Gangrène in France on June 16, 1959 (Jérôme Lindon, Éditions de Minuit) Republished in New York in 1960 (Lyle Stuart, translated from French to English by Robert Silvers) “This is a simple, dispassionate account by seven Algerian intellectuals of the most damnable tortures ever endured… Continue reading The Gangrene, unofficial fragments