The Sparkplug

The Sparkplug is a catalyst for difficult conversations, going where fast headlines don’t.

Creative and artistic expression have the power to humanize political debates that are often abstract or driven by sensational media. An off-shoot of The Green Violin, The Sparkplug ranges into journalism and essays, engaging with the deeper questions of human dignity and struggle against the social orders that repress our most volatile possibilities.

Simple, made for print (adapting for online as well). Printed as a 1-3 sheet broadside, usually with two articles (A-side, B-side). Also as a PDF and email. Irregular, printed whenever.

Latest Issue

In memory of poet K Za Win (1982-2021)


A poet’s death is his life” / “a letter from a jail cell” (note by Ko Ko Thett, and poem by K Za Win)

Hate them all, Father.” Another coup is denounced, but when will Burma have peace? (note by Lital Khaikin)

Volume 2

Coming soon:

Spring 2021 – What noble truths? Rage, revolt, weapons and metals in Burma.

Volume 1

Born with a cackle, The Sparkplug is the thorn on the stem of the rose, the splinter in your thumb, the glass in your sandal. Launched on June 1, 2020, in the midst of a global pandemic, this is the first volume of The Sparkplug.

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Additional content is available in PDF and print editions.

“The double helix of a literate civilization seems to include a gene that programs an appetite for words on paper.”

⁠— Ben Bagdikian, The Media Monopoly.